Block Island Field Trip

For my remote sensing class, we went on a ground-truthing trip to Block Island. In lab, we each did a region-of-interest supervised classification of some IKONOS data. The purpose of the field trip was to assess the accuracy of our classification. We lucked out on the date of the field trip and got perfect weather: clear skies and high 70s.

Using a few of the photos from Sachem Pond, I made my first panorama (Photoshop did most/all of the work). Considering I just used the automatic warp and default settings, it came out really nicely.

Sachem Pond, Block Island

Check out the rest of the photos below:

York Pond

For my group project in ENVS41, my team is looking at some of the issues at York Pond and Blackstone Park. The green space acts as a buffer between the built, suburban area on the East Side and the Seekonk River. We went down there and walked around the Pond to get a better sense of the problems we were looking to address. Here are some photos I took from the trip.

“Sketchy” – CS15 Final Project

We had three options for our final project for CS15: An Introduction to Object Oriented Programming. I chose the “Sketchy” assignment, where we are tasked with writing our own Java-based vector imaging program. According to the project’s specifications, our Sketchy must allow the user to move, rotate, and resize a variety of shapes with a bounding box, raise/lower shapes relative to others, change shapes’ color, allow for unlimited undo and redo of all actions, and save/load to/from external files.


Fine art made in my Sketchy


For extra credit, I added a few extra bells and whistles beyond the base spec. Most notable additions are copy and paste functionality, instant updating of shape colors, keyboard shortcuts for most features, a help dialog, and the ability to export work to a lossless PNG image.

I also discovered some bugs in the bounding box support code. If the user accidentally presses more than one mouse button at a time, and/or drags the mouse outside of the bounding box while rotating, it can bug out the position and size of that shape. I added some additional code that prevents this from occurring.